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What Today Brings

“What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.” Haruki Murakami

Who among us is blessed enough to be touched with a truly unexplainable healing? Some of us are. It absolutely does happen. Charlie Goldsmith is a beautiful young man from Australia with the undeniable gift to heal. Charlie recently came to America to bring awareness to energy healing and is the subject of a study at the NYU Lutheran Hospital in New York.

On the first documentary episode of “The Healer” on TLC, I watched a mother of three named Diamond Smith who was diagnosed with a debilitating pain called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in her left foot. The pain came on suddenly one day when she stood up from her garden. The independent nurse was rendered dependent in order to do the simplest of things because of the unimaginable pain that made her not able to straighten her leg or put any pressure on her foot. Charlie sat next to Diamond, miraculously pulled energy out of the air, through his body and healed her.

Charlie is humble and focused when he works on people. He closes his eyes and focuses on what he calls their energy body. He concentrates and gets what he describes as a magnetic pulse that becomes very strong down his arm. His energy field is much stronger than the normal persons and that energy apparently has the power to heal.

“I don’t have a clean slate like I have just discovered healing and everyone is like we’ve never heard of that,” Charlie says. “I have just discovered healing and everyone is saying ‘well that has been proven to be fraudulent’ That is where we’re starting,” he says. “No, it’s not a fraud, just give me a second of your time and I will show you it’s not.”

On the second episode, I watched a sweet little boy who had Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and Growth Hormone Deficiency. Within minutes Charlie channeled his energy and relieved the little boy of pain for the first time in his two-year-old life. He fell fast asleep, it was beautiful. I also watched a young man with crippling pain due to Lyme disease lift his legs and climb stairs for the first time in years after a session with Charlie. Forbes Magazine did an article about Charlie Goldsmith and how he has a 76-79% success rate. He treats chronic pain, infections and auto-immune disorders often in 60 seconds or less.

Since the beginning of time, healing modalities have been rooted in the balance and harmony of our life force energy. The Chinese tradition calls this energy Chi, the Japanese call it Ki, the ancient Indian’s called it Prana. Now that life force energy is referred to as bio fields. We have our own famous Kentucky healer, “the sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. There is a little girl in Russia they refer to as “the girl with the x-ray eyes.” Natasha Demkina has been flown all over the world for clinicians to study her magnificent ability to see organs and tissues inside a person’s body and diagnose their problem. People with this sort of ‘sixth sense’ have tapped into a higher vibrational frequency. They seem to have harnessed energy fields of the universe and are able to channel that energy in different ways, healing abilities, psychic abilities, the ability to unblock blockages!

When I was twenty-seven years old, I was diagnosed with polymyositis, an auto-immune problem that caused inflammation in the muscles. Growing up as a runner and a dancer obsessed with exercise, when my body suddenly stopped working, it was shocking and scary. One day I could not raise my arm above my head, to cross one leg over the other I had to use my hand. For many years I was an actress in Los Angeles until this weakness prevented me from getting out of a chair or walking with any balance. I spent decades visiting specialists around the country. I took prednisone and other medications that made the symptoms better and I was able to continue working in the theatre and movies. Twelve years later I became too weak and had to move out of the city, closer to family and switch my artistic focus to writing. I no longer have active inflammation and am not taking medication but the repercussions of that inflammation are still with me.

My mom thinks the weakness was brought on by the emotional trauma of my brother dying at 30. I think it may have been trying to save him from self-destruction for fifteen years as he literally lived on the edge. Maybe it was an unsupervised childhood filled with exciting and dangerous people, growing up between the safety of Kentucky where my grandfather was governor and Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas where our father was a casino host. Maybe I got a virus in Jamaica. It doesn’t matter anymore how I got it and I have finally made peace with it.

The truth is I love life and I am so blessed that I don't even know if I should ask for a healing. But I did ask. Yesterday, I requested a miracle. I wrote Charlie to see if he would meet with me. No matter what happens, I am happy this beautiful spirit and angel on earth exists. Maybe we are all so connected that one person’s healing affects us all. Perhaps we really all are one, each healing is all of ours. In every life, hope springs eternal.

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