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June Bug Versus Hurricane


Cinderella Sweeping Up


Cinderella Sweeping Up

“Chandler examines both her own life and what it means to be alive. Each of these tiny essays is rich with wisdom, humor and compelling ideas, glittering with extraordinary people and experiences."


Katrina Denza, Weymouth Center for Arts and Humanities


Acclaim for June Bug Versus Hurricane

"In private the Chandler family was wildly complicated, boisterous, and always in motion. In public, they appeared to be a charmed political family. This is their amazing story through the eyes of Erin Chandler, whose shining love for her complex, frustrating, and wonderful kin shines through on every page.


Compulsively readable, populated by a vivid cast of characters, and deeply moving, this is a big, raucous, hilarious, sad, and searingly honest look at a dynastic, storied family from the pen of a confident and thoughtful writer that takes us all over the American landscape of the last fifty years but always brings us back to its epicenter, the author’s beloved rolling hills and pastures of her old Kentucky home.


June Bug Versus Hurricane is about family, addiction, tightly sealed society, the power and pain of art, and most of all this aching memoir is about unconditional love, particularly between a brother and sister." 

SILAS HOUSE, NEW YORK TIME'S Best Selling Author of Clay's Quilt

June Bug Versus Hurricane

Acclaim for Cinderella Sweeping Up

“In 1969, when I was fourteen years old, I DEVOURED "Slouching Towards Bethlehem," Joan Didion's epic collection of essays about California.  This cemented my love for the essay.  Erin Chandler's collection of essays are delicious. Easily read, easily understood but thought provoking and just so damn entertaining. Takes Southern storytelling to an art form. I highly recommend Cinderella Sweeping Up!”

LESLIE JORDAN, Emmy-winning actor and author, Will and Grace, American Horror Story, The Help.

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